Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Welcome one and all!

welcome to my new blog!

why should you read this blog over others I hear you ask? well simply put, im not in Mythics pocket, nor do I ever intend to be, i'll be telling it like I see it!

I want this Blog to cover all aspects of Warhammer Online, guides, news, rants! and even suggestions for improvements, funnily enough a lot of the suggestions I made directly to the Devs are now in the planned new RvR Packs! I know they're mine because they were so specific it's so unlikely anyone else would have suggested them, so it is atleast comforting to know that 1. The Devs listen to the players now and then and 2. I have some idea what im talking about....(some of the time)

Righto, thats it for now, enjoy the new blog and i'll update soon!


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