Wednesday, 27 October 2010

To PvE or not to PvE.......

In a genre awash with Grind fests when it comes to PvE (player vs environment) how wise is it for Mythic to turn their backs on a tried and tested system?

When you look back through the ages and count the number of MMO's that truly made it big, the likes of World of Warcraft, Dark Age of Camelot and Everquest might spring to mind.
What was it that made these MMOs successful? one big compoenent is an excellent PvE vs PvP balance, and if you didnt have the latter your PvE had better be pretty damn awesome sauce!

Recently Mythic has stated publically that if it aint about "killing people in the face" its not the direction they want to take, which for me personally is a shame... ofcourse mmos arent about me! their about the players and what they want from the game, I can't help but feel a twinge of remorse for all the content we will never see, the PQ system that at launch was new and interesting but has and most likely been left for dead I feel is a waste.

One thing Warcraft does well is PvE. Love it or hate it, it does it better than anyone else right now! its not too grindy, its interesting (driving vehicles, riding dragons etc) and it flows well and leads you nicely into dungeons with your friends, WAR's focus is PvP or RvR as we know it from DAOC, what then of all the content we have already? i find it utterly disapointing that Mt Gunbad is skipped by 90% of the playing population because they either 1. dont know where it is 2. find it a nuiscence to levelling or 3. dont want to waste the time organising a group, telling everyone how to get there and then have to explain that you need to farm the PQs to qualify to fight the last boss.

PvE could have been epic in Warhammer! indeed it deserved to be and perhaps could still be! a shame then that Mythic have temporarily closed the door on this side of the game, with no new anouncements for improvements to PvE like new dungeons (the RR65+ skaven doesnt count people!!) and no new improvements to the Land of the dead (funny name that really is...dead) I wonder how long people can be entertained by PvP, surely we all have downtime in game...what would you like to see added PvE wise?

And Mythic if your reading, I have some dungeon maps you might be interested in! free ofcourse! complete with encounters and layouts.



  1. Nice post and I agree. I recall a Q&A with Andy where he was asked about PvE and he didn't say we'd never ever see new PvE.

    I think once 1.4 and the RvR Packs are rolled out ... the only major RvR item is forts. They could then begin to look at other new items the playbase wants: new classes, races, and yes ... PvE content.

    I've added you to my blogroll.

  2. Agree, a healthy online game has to at least offer some PvE elements to be viable. It can have RvR as focus but this shouldn't mean that PvE additions are non existant.

  3. This is one of the main points I find lacking in the game, having a pvp focus is good and all but unless your some kind of robot there needs to be something to do once the dust settles

    Gunbad and Bastion Stair to me are the best dungeons in the game, the final fights in both are easily more cool than the rest of the dungeons, not to mention the lead up battles.

  4. cross server dungeon queue with matching system would be good start for more pve action imo.