Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Guide to: Torment & Strife! 4% Parry for new players

so you're a fresh faced melee in T4 and you are constantly getting battered?

Follow my simple guide to unlock 2 jewelry items that will give you an instant 4% boost to parry!! this is immensely helpful when gearing up and can make the difference between hating your RvR experience and enjoying it more!!

The magic number as a minimum for Parry seems to be 15% before you become more effective at what you do, these two items alone give you 4% Enjoy...and as always give feedback!!

As you can see a nice addition to the lowbie armory!!

follow my simple guide to get these awesome items.

For the first unlock there are 3 skulls to collect!
see the map below for the locations.

1. Go inside the mine, head up and to your left as you enter, keep going up the ramps, the skeleton you need to click on is behind some pipes.

2. Go inside the cave, the skeleton is just in front you to your right hand side against the wall.

3. This skeleton is on the left side of the cave entrance OUTSIDE the cave!

once you have all 3 skulls click one of them in your backpack to get the unlock.

The second unlock is much simpler.
Head into Deathpeak as indicated on the map below. You are looking for a named level 37 Mob called Pisacha The Rank.

Simply dispose of her and you get the unlock. simple!

Once you have done both, head to your capital city and claim your reward!!

Until Next time.


  1. Muy decent, I'll be putting this on my blog list :-)

  2. Thanks.

    a simple set overlooked by many, but very useful when stats are precious at low RR.